For patients and family members

Our goal is to make whatever time one has left as meaningful and full-fledged as possible. Alleviating pain and other symptoms, and holistic support of the patients and their family is of paramount importance regarding the treatment. Being able to follow one’s own habits and customary ways, if possible, and a home-like environment create a feeling of security in its own right.

We support our patients in living as actively and fully as possible, and help the family members during the time of the patients’ sickness, and after their passing away. The hospice has both one and two person rooms. There are no visiting hours: the family members can stay with the patient according to their own schedule. We aim to reserve the one person rooms for those patients whose family members wish to stay close to the patient. Also, due to treatment or illness related factors, a one person room may be necessary.

Every patient has a primary nurse who takes a deeper look into the patient’s situation and takes care of him or her while on active shift. In addition to the primary nurse and other nurses, also taking part in the treatment are physicians, social workers, physiotherapists, priests, care assistants, staff of our in-house kitchen and volunteer workers.