Seeking ward care

If the illness is no longer curable and the care is being focused on alleviating the symptoms, Pirkanmaa Hospice is an option. While selecting a care facility, the attending physician has a discussion with the patient and his or her family members whether the services of Pirkanmaa Hospice are appropriate for the patient at that time. We also accept patients from other care facilities or through our home care services.

A referral is needed for both home care and care in the ward. In addition to the referral, a payment voucher issued by the patient’s municipality of residence is needed, after which the patient only needs to pay the inpatient fee as stipulated in the client fee act. One can also come in without a voucher, in which case the patients need to cover the cumulative costs of their treatment by themselves.

If the patient feels better in the inpatient ward, he or she can go home. A transfer to another care facility is also possible if it is deemed that Pirkanmaa Hospice is not the right solution for the patient at that point in time.