Ward care

The aim of our care is to make the patient feel as good and secure as possible. We think that knowledgeable treatment of symptoms, and supporting the patients and their loved ones is of paramount importance. Three central values guide all our work in interacting with our patients.

The uniqueness of a human life  

Each and every one of us has the right to be treated as a dignified and unique human being. The central principle of our care is to center on the individual rather than the illness. It is important to listen, be heard, and to arrange proper treatment of our patients. No expression of emotion is prohibited for the patients and their family, and they are encouraged to live and sort through the various feelings they might have.

Symptom relief as the basis for good care

Hospice care emphasizes the alleviation of all symptoms. Many factors play into the experiencing of symptoms of a dying person. Drug therapy is only one part of good symptom treatment. The primary nurse regularly assesses the condition of the patient through the charting of symptoms, among other things. The symptoms are alleviated and prevented with different forms of treatment.

A homelike environment creates a safe feeling

Daily life is conducted at the hospice in an environment that is as home-like as possible. We aim to tend to the wishes of every patient and their relatives within reasonable expectations, so that the patients could conduct their life along the lines of their normal everyday routines in as fulfilling a way as possible. There are no set visiting hours at the hospice: family members can stay with the patient through the day should they wish to do so.