Tasks for voluntary workers

Ulkoilureitin varrelta on yhdessä kerätty ainekset syysasetelmien sommittelemista varten.
Valmisteluja potilaiden kiireettömään lepäilyyn takkatulen ääressä saunan jälkeen, makkaran paistamiseen ja virvokkeiden nauttimiseen.

Tasks for voluntary workers at the hospice are diverse.

Volunteers can work, among others:

  • to support persons for patients and their family members at the hospice or home hospice care at different hours of the day
  • with outpatients and their family members
  • to participate in planning and implementing interludes
  • to help with family member groups
  • to escort the patients outside the hospice
  • to help with practical matters at the ward
  • as lobby hosts
  • to keep lectures for visiting groups and act as interpreters
  • in baking teams
  • in hobby teams
  • to participate in fundraising (running the second-hand market, Easter and Christmas sales and other drives, selling theater tickets).