Voluntary work

Alongside with the regular staff at Pirkanmaa Hospice there are a number of voluntary workers managed by their own forepersons. The voluntary workers have trained and interned in volunteering, and they are bound by the same oath of confidentiality as the staff. They work out of their own volition and without pay, but nevertheless with a great sense of commitment and responsibility.

There are approximately 100 active voluntary workers handling numerous tasks that improve the well-being of patients and their relatives. Some 20 000 hours of voluntary work is logged in every year at the hospice.

The voluntary workers are given tasks according to their abilities, likes and faculties. Voluntary work does not include professional tasks, the voluntary workers do various tasks with the knowledge and skills of a layman. To get more information, click on “Tasks for voluntary workers”.

The director of voluntary activities at the hospice coordinates the voluntary work to be a part of good care of the patients. The goal of volunteering is to bring mutual joy for all parties involved.