Home care

The home care services at Pirkanmaa Hospice aim to support the patient to cope in his or hers own home for as long as possible. We can also make arrangements for the patient to pass away at home, if it is the patient’s wish.

Home care supports the patient in the treatment of pain and other symptoms, and offers the patients and their relatives a chance to talk and unload their mind while facing an incurable illness and inevitable death. Our home care services are comprised of day center activities, and home visits by the physician and nurses. All support action and services are planned together with the patients and their family in order to make coping at home a possibility.

Home visits provide time for discussion. An illness raises many kinds of emotions and questions in the patients and their relatives. Many ponder how the illness goes forward, and how the patient or their close ones will cope in the near future. Home visits offer a peaceful setting for discussion, for giving information about the illness and the symptoms, and supporting the patient and relatives to carry on. It is of paramount importance for us to make the patient and relatives feel safe while they stay at home.

Patients and relatives in home care can call the hospice at all hours of the day to get guidance and instructions to cope at home. If the patient feels no longer able to make it at home, we strive to make flexible plans to admit the patient to ward care.

In order to enter Pirkanmaa Hospice home care, the patient needs a referral from his or her physician. The referral to Pirkanmaa hospice can be written even in the case the patient is still able to cope at home and does not need ward care at that time.