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Pirkanmaa Hospice, Pirkanmaan hoitokoti in Finnish, is a hospice with room for 24 patients, located in Tampere, Finland. It is funded and run by Hospice Foundation for Cancer Patients, (Syöpäpotilaiden Hoitokotisäätiö). Pirkanmaa Hospice is a pioneer of hospice care in the Nordic countries, and has operated since 1988.

Our patients have a terminal cancer or other incurable illnesses; they are people entering the last leg of their lives. Even though the illnesses can not be cured, a lot can be done to alleviate pain and symptoms, and to make quality of life better. The hospice treatment ideology emphasizes dealing with the patient in a holistic manner. Above all, we value the dignity and individuality of the patient. The patient is taken care of in a comfortable environment where the staff is available 24/7. We also take the relatives and close friends of the patient into account while providing care. The patient can also stay at home and use the services of hospice home care, and the day care center.